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March 1st/2nd – 2nd FZ:GEO Hackathon "Hack the Rock"

March 1st/2nd – 2nd FZ:GEO Hackathon "Hack the Rock"

Let's "hack the rock" together

Join us for the 2nd FZ:GEO Hackathon, which will take place on March 1st/2nd, 2021. We will meet online to tackle two challenges.

The first task is to develop novel machine learning approaches for the prediction of soil erosion by water based on soil erosion data from several localities.

The second task to be tackled is related to the detection of controlling features of precious metal deposits based on mineralogical and geochemical data of drill cores from various sensors.

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If you want to participate, please register until February 26th, under:

The event is open to all researchers and students, who are interested in machine learning as well as computer vision and photogrammetry. The hackathon also invites novices from both, machine leaning and earth sciences to jointly work on the challenges. We aim to set up groups that consist of members from different disciplines and skill levels to activate synergies.