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Graduiertenkolleg der DFG GRK1798 | Signaling at the Plant-Soil Interface

Leitung:Prof. Dr. Georg Guggenberger, Dr. Jens Boy
Laufzeit:2013 - 2016

Beteiligte Institutionen der FI:GEO:

Located on Herrenhausen Campus, GRK1798 supports doctoral researchers working on interdisciplinary topics that connect Molecular as well as Applied Plant Sciences with Microbiology and Soil Science to promote cross-discipline knowledge on signal processes between plant roots and their surrounding soil.

We expect to obtain answers to these major questions: (1) How are soil-borne signals or the growth stimulation by rhizobacteria processed in roots? (2) What similarities and differences exist in the processing of these signals? (3) What consequences does signal perception in roots have for whole-plant metabolism and how does signal perception in roots relate to that?

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